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Eufy Camera Not Charging

Eufy cameras have gained significant popularity due to their advanced features and ease of use – especially for local storage without a subscription. It’s a great cause of concern when the Eufy camera is not charging. You can’t get any functionality without a proper charge.

Eufy cameras are fitted with rechargeable batteries capable of withstanding over 100 recharge cycles. However, the battery could run faulty over time or due to adverse weather conditions.

In this article, we will explore common reasons why your Eufy camera may not be charging and provide a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help you resolve the issue.

Why Is My Eufy Camera Not Charging?

Eufy camera isn’t charging because you are using a tripped outlet, a software bug, compatibility issue with the charger. Power cycle the camera, try charging it via the Homebase and observe if the charging LED light comes up or if the app displays the charging status.

Here are some common reasons for the Eufy camera charging problem;

  • Faulty power source or adapter
  • Malfunctioning power cable
  • Battery problems due to extreme weather conditions – too cold or hot temperatures contribute to battery aging.
  • Software bugs or glitches affecting the charging process
  • A faulty device – a damaged charging port

One or more factors could contribute to the charging issues; using the “Elimination” method, we can easily troubleshoot the camera to identify and fix the cause.

Fixing Eufy Camera Not Charging

Primarily, the Eufy camera displays a red LED light when charging, barring Eufy cam 2 and 2C models, which display a solid blue light. The EufySecurity app also indicates the charging status.

Therefore, remember to observe what the app says when your camera is plugged into a charge.

With the provided USB cable, you can charge the Eufy camera directly at any 5V/2A or 9V/2A outlet. Alternatively, charge the camera by hooking it to a Eufy Homebase.

Try these simple solutions to fix the charging issue;

Check the Power Source or Adapter

A faulty power source or adapter is one of the primary reasons for a Eufy camera not charging. To determine if this is the issue, check if the power source functions correctly.

Try connecting another electronic device to the same power source to verify if it supplies power consistently. If the power source is working fine, the problem may lie with the power adapter itself.

In such cases, consider using an alternate power adapter.

Malfunctioning Charging Cable

A defective charging cable can prevent your Eufy camera from charging properly.

Inspect the cable for any visible signs of damage, such as frayed wires or bent connectors. If the cable appears damaged, try using a different cable to see if the camera charges successfully.

Using the original charging cable is recommended to maintain compatibility. However, this should prevent you from trying a different charging cable.

Battery-Related Problems

If your Eufy camera’s battery malfunctions, it can hinder the charging process.

Signs of a faulty battery include rapid battery drain, inability to hold a charge, or the camera turning off immediately after being disconnected from the power source.

Eufy cameras are fitted with rechargeable lithium batteries that age over time. Adverse weather conditions can speed up aging and cause the battery to die.

Typically, the Eufy camera should be at its ambient temperature (0℃ (32℉) – 45℃ (113℉)) when charging.

If the camera is overheating, let it cool off for an hour before recharging.

Eufy offers a 1-year limited warranty that includes battery coverage. If you are within this period, they should replace it for free. Otherwise, they’ll demand a fee if the warranty has lapsed.

Firmware or Software Glitches

Occasionally, firmware or software glitches can interfere with the charging process.

An outdated firmware version or corrupted software can disrupt the camera’s functionality, including its ability to charge.

Check for any available firmware or software updates for your Eufy camera model and install them accordingly.

Power cycling the device helps solve temporal configuration errors that could affect its performance or charging.

Inspect And Clean Charging Ports

Dust, debris, or corrosion in the charging ports can prevent proper connection and charging.

Gently clean the ports using a soft brush or compressed air to remove any potential obstructions.

Once you are done with the cleaning, connect the camera to a working outlet or the Homebase to test if it charges.

Perform A Factory Reset

If everything fails, factory resetting your Eufy camera can help resolve persistent charging issues.

Note that a factory reset will erase all settings and configurations, so ensure you have a backup of any important data or footage.

First, hook off the camera from the app;

  • Open the EufySecurity app
  • Select camera
  • Navigate to the Settings tab
  • Hit Remove Device > Confirm your option

Now, manually reset the camera by pressing the reset button for 10 – 15 seconds. Once you get two beeps, the camera is reset and ready to set up.

Use the EufySecurity app to set up the camera and sync to the Homebase. If the camera syncs to your network and Homebase, open the app and observe the charging status.

Sometimes, the LED dies, but the camera remains charging, creating a false sense that the camera isn’t charging.

If nothing gives, try contacting Eufy support. If the device is faulty, you could get a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If Eufy Camera Is Charging?

You can tell if your Eufy camera is charging by observing the status LED indicator or checking the Eufy security app under device settings. Eufy cameras display a solid red light when charging, except Eufy camera 2 and 2C models, which display a solid blue light.

Once charged fully – after 4 – 5 hours of charging, the charging light goes off. 

Can Eufy Camera Batteries Be Replaced?

Primarily, the Eufy camera battery can’t be removed or replaced. You must return the camera to the Eufy support team for troubleshooting and fixing. However, the Eufy warranty covers the battery; you should get a new unit if you are within the 1-year warranty period.

If the warranty period has elapsed, there is nothing to lose, so you can open up the device and check the battery setup.

If you are good with electrical stuff, you can play around with the 4-battery pack to achieve a working solution.

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