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How Long Does Roomba Take to Clean?

Roomba vacuum cleaners have revolutionized our smart home vacuuming task. You can concentrate on other tasks as your Roomba does its thing. But, how long does Roomba take to clean?

Roomba takes from 60 to 120 to clean. Generally, how long Roomba takes to clean depends on several factors like Wi-Fi connectivity, the nature of the floor, and the obstacles available in the cleaning area. The size of the cleaning area also determines how long it takes Roomba to complete the cleaning task.

In this article, we will dive into detail on how long it takes Roomba to clean and ways to improve the cleaning speed when your Roomba seems to take forever.

How Long Does Roomba Take to Clean?

Roomba takes approximately 60 to 120 minutes to clean a floor size of about 2000 square feet when on a full battery. The accurate time Roomba takes to clean depends on the room’s size and the Roomba’s runtime; each Roomba model has a specific runtime.

Again, other factors come into play when determining how long Roomba takes to clean. Some of these factors are;

  • The Roomba model – Different Roomba models have different runtimes; Roomba 890 has the shortest runtime of 60 minutes, while Roomba s9 or s9+ has a runtime of 120 minutes. This means that Roomba 890 has to recharge after cleaning for an hour while Roomba s9 cleans for 2 hours before recharging.
  • Floor plan size and layout – the easier it’s for Roomba to maneuver your layout the quicker the cleaning job is done.
  • Floor type (hardwood or carpet) – Carpet floors are thicker and drain more power from the battery than hardwood floors.
  • Furniture and the cleanable square feet – If your home is large, it takes more time to clean.

If you have an older Roomba model, Roomba 600 – 800 series models, these models clean about 300 square feet of cleanable space within the 1-hour runtime.

They then attempt to find the docking station for a recharge, and you have to send them out again after recharging fully.

On the other hand, newer Roomba models (900, iSeries, j, s models) have a systematic straight row vacuuming pattern that enables them to track where they have been.

These models have the “Charge & Resume” feature. Once the Roomba battery runs low, it finds its dock, recharges then resumes the cleaning job from where it left.

How Long Does It Take a Roomba to Clean a Floor?

The Roomba model’s cleaning cycle lasts between 1 to 2 hours. How long Roomba takes to clean the floor depends on several factors like the floor type, size of the floor, obstacles on the floor, and the Roomba model.

Typically, a Roomba robot vacuum takes about 15 minutes to clean an average-sized room. So, what floor size are we talking about here?

On average, it would take Roomba between 20-30 minutes to clean 500 square feet of space. This depends on how the bot maps the room.

My Roomba is scheduled to clean when I’m out for work. For about 2500 square feet, the Roomba manages to clean it all in one cleaning cycle. However, sometimes it needs to recharge in between, which it does on its own by returning to the docking station and resuming cleaning once fully charged.

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Roomba Takes Forever to Clean; Why So?

Roomba vacuum cleaners aren’t meant to take forever when cleaning your home. Even though the cleaning time of a Roomba depends on a couple of factors, taking abnormally long to clean isn’t a good sign. It means that your Roomba probably has an issue.

If your Roomba is taking forever to clean, try some of these tips to fix the issue;

  • Give your Roomba a thorough cleaning. Clean the sensors, brushes, filters, bin, and rollers. Dirt accumulation could be clogging your Roomba, making it slow.
  • Try having your Roomba clean one room at a time. Note how long each room takes, is there a room that takes longer than expected? If so, inspect the room for obstacles or anything that could be causing your Roomba navigation problems.
  • Check whether the map is still accurate. Roomba vacuum cleaners sometimes update the map, this can result in it deteriorating over time. If the map has deteriorated, replace it with a good one from your cleaning history or do a remap of your house.
  • Ensure that the battery is in good health. A faulty battery has your Roomba returning to the charging station after only 10 – 20 minutes of vacuuming. Therefore, your Roomba takes forever to finish a task as it has to keep recharging. If this is your case, your battery needs replacement. Ensure you get a genuine iRobot Roomba battery to avoid voiding your warranty.

How Does Roomba Know When to Stop?

Roombas are intelligent devices fitted with sensors and navigation technology that aid them in vacuuming. These sensors also help the Roomba know when to stop. How exactly does Roomba know when it’s done cleaning?

  1. When it finishes a cleaning job. The mapping algorithm knows the size of the swept area, the speed of the unit, the time between collisions, and the turn affected by the collision. Thus, it effectively maps the area, knows when it has swept the whole floor, and when and how to get to missed spots.
  2. When the bin is full. Full bin sensors tell the Roomba when the bin is full. The Roomba stops the cleaning and returns to auto-empty the bin.
  3. A battery sensor detects when power drops to “limp home mode” levels, and the Roomba is done and returns to the base. Newest Roomba models can recharge and resume the cleaning job from where they left it to completion.

Does Roomba Know When a Room Is Clean?

Yes, Roomba knows when a room is clean and stops. Roomba uses both photocell and infrared sensors together to clean a room.

When the sensors can no longer sense dirt, the Roomba stops and returns to the home base.

Final Thoughts

Roomba vacuum cleaners have become a lifesaver in vacuuming. They help keep your home tidy, clean, and dust-free. With only some little maintenance practices, your Roomba will have you rarely having to vacuum.

How long your Roomba takes to clean depends on several factors. We have gone through each of the factors in this detailed post.

If your Roomba has the “Charge and resume” feature, it enables the Roomba to pick up cleaning from where it left off to recharge. Then how long Roomba takes to clean shouldn’t be a concern as Roomba eventually gets the job done. Unless something is wrong with your Roomba, and it cleans abnormally slowly. That’s a concern, and you should probably have it fixed.

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