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Are Roombas Worth It?

You are considering buying a vacuum cleaner and wondering, are Roombas worth it? I will take most of the chores without complaining, but vacuuming is one that I don’t like at all. It’s time-consuming and can hurt my back at times. That’s why I love my Roomba. So, are Roombas worth it? The answer differs from person to person, but I give you all the facts you need to know to make your decision.

iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners are worth it for most people, especially those with pets. They maintain the cleanliness level of your home high. If you don’t imagine a robot vacuum as something that ultimately manages itself, you have to be involved here and there. For the additional convenience offered, there are worth every penny. 

In this article, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of Roombas to help make a sound decision. Keep reading to see all we have in store for you.

Are Roombas Worth It?

Generally, Roomba vacuums are of actual worth. Regarding robot vacuums, iRobot Roomba tops all other brands and has developed the most advanced features in robot vacs. They can clean hardwood, carpet, and vinyl floors with ease. With Roomba, you push a button and sit back or do other essential tasks as your Roomba does the vacuuming.

If Roomba runs low on battery while cleaning the floor, it returns to its base, recharges, and resumes from where it left off.

However, if you go for the cheap Roomba options to save money, you will get an ineffective, loud, hard-to-navigate model that barely cleans your house. But if you pick one of the premium models, you will get a Roomba that functions well and cleans effectively.

Before we look at the pros and cons, let’s briefly look at the factors you should consider when choosing Roomba or any other robot vacuum, for that matter.

Considerations Before Buying a Roomba

When buying a Roomba, several factors must be considered to ensure you choose the suitable model that meets your needs. Here are some key considerations:

Cleaning Needs: Assess your cleaning requirements. Consider the size and layout of your home, the types of flooring you have (hardwood, carpet, etc.), and whether you have pets or allergies.

This will help determine the features and cleaning capabilities you need in a Roomba.

Navigation and Mapping: Look for Roombas with advanced navigation systems and mapping capabilities. These features allow the robot to efficiently navigate your home, avoid obstacles, and create a systematic cleaning pattern.

Mapping capabilities can also enable you to set boundaries or prioritize specific areas for cleaning.

Battery Life and Charging: Check the battery life of the Roomba models you are considering. Longer battery life is preferable, especially for larger homes. Additionally, consider how the Roomba docks and charges itself.

Look for models that automatically return to their docking station to recharge when the battery is low.

Cleaning Performance: Evaluate the cleaning performance of different models. Look for Roombas with powerful suction capabilities, effective brush systems (such as dual rubber brushes for pet hair), and multi-stage filtration for improved air quality.

Consider whether you need specialized features like edge-cleaning brushes or carpet boosts for deeper cleaning.

Smart Features and Connectivity: Determine if you want your Roomba to be compatible with voice assistants (such as Alexa or Google Assistant) or have Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control through a mobile app.

These features allow for convenient scheduling, monitoring, and customization of cleaning settings.

Side Note: Check out our other article on Roomba lifespan and the best maintenance practices to extend its life. 

Reasons Why Roombas Are Worth It

Roombas have a definite worth for many people. So, what makes Roomba worth it?

1.   Convenience and Time-Saving

Roombas offer unparalleled convenience by taking the hassle out of vacuuming.

With their automated cleaning process, you can simply press a button or schedule cleaning times, allowing you to focus on other activities while your floors are kept clean.

Imagine coming home to freshly vacuumed carpets without lifting a finger!

2.   Efficient Cleaning Performance

Roombas are equipped with advanced technology to ensure effective cleaning on various floor types.

Their intelligent navigation systems enable them to move seamlessly around your home, even tackling multiple rooms.

They excel at removing dirt, dust, and pet hair, providing you with a consistently clean-living environment.

3.   You can schedule your Roomba.

You can schedule when your Roomba does the cleaning. Your Roomba keeps your home clean and dust-free with unique daily or weekly cleaning routines. Just so you know – the cleaning can take place with or without your supervision.

Imagine being on vacation without worrying about returning to a dusty home. That is the convenience a Roomba brings, as you can schedule it to work while you are away.

4.   Roomba can clean areas you can’t reach

Roomba models thoroughly clean spots you can only reach with effort or tedium, like under the furniture, behind the couch, under the bed, or around all the dining chairs’ feet.

So, when did you last clean under your bed? Or under your couch? These areas require a lot of hustles to clean, like moving the furniture. Effective Roomba models scour through every nook and cranny of your house.

5.   You can pair your Roomba with a Braava mop

Roomba models only vacuum the floor and don’t have mopping capability. However, iRobot Roomba, the parent Roomba company, has a great friend to the Roomba. The Braava mop is the friend.

Therefore, pairing the Roomba and Braava mop to work hand in hand greatly saves time and keeps your home fresh and clean. If you schedule your Braava mop to start mopping as soon as Roomba is done vacuuming, the house will always remain clean.

6.   Roomba parts are replaceable

Most Roomba parts are easily replaceable and are relatively cheap. You can replace the battery, brushes, filters, or the bin.

These are some of the replaceable parts and their time frames.

The battery (every two years)

Brushes (every six months)

Sensors (every two years)

Channels (every 3 to 6 months)

Replacing these parts and employing good maintenance practices keep your Roomba running long, extending its lifespan.

7.   Can auto-empty their bins

In 2018, iRobot debuted the Roomba iSeries with the capability to auto-empty their bins. The Roomba takes out its trash and empties it into the clean base.

Therefore, not only does your Roomba clean without you breaking a sweat, but you don’t have to handle the dusty process of emptying the bin.

8.   Roomba Can avoid pet waste

We have seen those viral videos of a robot vacuum smearing pet poop or vomit all over the floor. And now having to clean the floor, such a disgusting state.

The iRobot brand has solved this issue; you heard me right. The Roomba j7+ is intelligent enough to detect and avoid pet waste and cords.

Roomba j7+ avoiding pet waste.

The iRobot even guarantees you to expect the Roomba j7 to avoid pest waste, or they replace it for free. That’s awesome.

9.   Roomba models can integrate with voice assistants

How does it sound to control your Roomba with your voice? The Roomba models with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi can be easily connected to voice assistants through the Home App.

Roomba models are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

“Alexa, ask Roomba to have (your robot’s name) resume vacuuming” Such are the kind of commands you can use to control your Roomba.

10. Roomba has the advanced home-mapping capability

Since the Roomba debut in the early 2000s, iRobot has continuously advanced its robot vacuum technology innovation. Since 2015, iRobot has equipped its Roomba models with advanced home mapping technology.

Therefore, your Roomba can map and know your home’s exact size. With this, you can restrict your Roomba from areas you don’t need to clean. Again, you can instruct it to vacuum a specific location. All this increases the Roombas’ efficiency and effectiveness.

What Are Some Disadvantages of The Roomba?

With all these positives that Roomba has, there have to be some cons to it. These are some things that could keep you from buying your Roomba.

1.   High Initial Cost

Deciding whether to buy a Roomba is an expensive decision as some models are costly.  Unless you are going for the baseline models, whose price is lower than $200, the high-end Roomba models, with the most advanced features, can cost even up to $1000. I don’t know about you, but that isn’t cheap for me.

The Roomba features, such as high suction power, auto-emptying bins, and advanced mapping technology to map your home, justify the price. These features won’t come cheap.

You don’t have to go for the most expensive Roomba, but even the average Roomba, with adequate features, costs upwards of $500.

2.   Less power than traditional vacuums

The Roomba with the highest suction power, the s9+, can only master 2500 Pa. of suction power. On the hand, traditional vacuums average around 9000 Pa.

The Roomba, the most powerful one, is well beaten in this case. To come close to traditional vacuum power, you would have to multiply Roomba power 3 or 4 times.

Therefore, the standard vacuums will do a better cleaning job but with no convenience.

3.   Roombas occasionally get stuck

Usually, Roombas make sound judgments and easily find their way around the house. Although, sometimes they don’t get right and end up stuck under your furniture or in a corner.

The cliff detection sensors that keep the Roomba from falling off drop points sometimes register dark bands as cliffs, trapping the Roomba on nothing.

Your Roomba then sends you a notification that it’s stuck and requires your help. However, this shouldn’t worry you, as there are different practices to prevent Roomba from getting stuck. It would help if you took it on as one of the experiences of owning a robot vacuum.

4.   Roombas can be noisy

Even the quietest Roomba models are loud when moving around the house. The noise isn’t such a bother, but you don’t want it vacuuming or emptying while you watch your movie or taking a quick nap.

5.   Roombas can eat up things they are not supposed to

Clearing up the area you intend your Roomba to clean is essential. This is because Roomba gobbles up those little thighs like power cords, shoelaces, etc. Clearing the area prevents you from sifting the dustbin to locate some lost items.

6.   Roombas can’t clean the stairs

Roomba models cannot move up and down a staircase. Before a lasting solution is found, Roombas can effectively clean the stairs unless you move them up each stair, which is time-consuming.

7.   You Have To Be Involved

Owning a Roomba isn’t a free walk through the pack. You have to be involved in maintaining your Roomba to ensure maximum performance and durability.

You have to be willing to clean the necessary parts, the brushes, filter, and charging contact points. Not only will you be cleaning but also replacing worn-out parts from time to time.

Again, Roombas have a relatively small bin that will fill up, and you must empty it.

This might sound like a lot of work, but it isn’t. The good maintenance practices and replacement of necessary parts extend your Roombas lifespan longer than the typical 4 to 6 years

Which Roomba Should You Look Into Buying?

Having weighed the pros and cons, Roomba is an excellent addition to your home. Here are some well-regarded Roomba models based on your budget;

  • Roomba i7+ and Roomba i7: These models are known for their powerful performance, mapping capabilities, and self-emptying functionality. They feature Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, which allows the robot to empty its bin into a larger bin in the charging station. This is particularly useful for pet owners or those with larger homes.
  • Roomba s9+ and Roomba s9: These models offer advanced cleaning technology and a unique D-shaped design, allowing them to clean corners and edges more effectively. They also come with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal feature for convenient dirt disposal.
  • Roomba 675 and 690: These models are more budget-friendly options that still deliver solid cleaning performance. They offer Wi-Fi connectivity, app control, and compatibility with voice assistants. Although they lack some advanced features of higher-end models, they are suitable for general cleaning needs.

Alternatives To Roomba Vacuum Cleaners

While Roombas are among the most popular robotic vacuum cleaners, there are several alternatives available in the market. Here are some noteworthy alternatives to Roomba;

Roborock S-Series: Roborock S-Series robotic vacuums, such as the Roborock S6 and Roborock S7, are known for their powerful suction, advanced mapping and navigation, and mopping capabilities.

These models offer precise cleaning patterns, intelligent room mapping, and the option to switch between vacuuming and mopping functions.

Neato Botvac: Neato offers a range of robotic vacuum cleaners known for their excellent cleaning performance and laser-guided mapping technology.

Neato Botvac models, such as the D10 and D7, are well-regarded for their powerful suction, precise navigation, and effective edge-cleaning capabilities. There are also pocket friendly. 

Eufy RoboVac: Eufy, a brand under Anker Innovations, offers a lineup of RoboVac models that provide reliable cleaning performance at affordable prices.

Eufy RoboVacs, such as the RoboVac 11S and RoboVac 30C, are known for their slim design, strong suction power, and quiet operation.

Final Thoughts

So, are Roombas worth it? You have seen the pro and cons of Roombas, and now it’s time to make your decision. I think the good ultimately outweighs the bad making them worthy, but the decision isn’t mine.

Robot cleaners are the future of home cleaning as we move to more advanced robotics.

Robot vacuum cleaners may not be a must-have in your smart home. It can’t be hidden that they add a lot of convenience and comfort to your home. So, how much is this added comfort worth to you? Is it worth enough to stick out $500 or more and get one?

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