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Arlo Camera Not Syncing

Synchronizing the Arlo camera to the Base station allows the camera to be detected and added to your security system. However, sometimes the camera syncing fails observed by a flashing orange light on the camera.

So, why won’t your Arlo camera sync to the Base station?

Synchronization problems during the initial setup could be due to compatibility, proximity, network, or low battery issues. Ensure you are following the correct procedure and that the camera is well-powered. Power cycle the base station and retry the sync process.

Again, remember that if you are switching from a direct Wi-Fi connection to a base station connection, you must remove the camera from the Arlo secure app > reset it > and set it up afresh via the base station.

Arlo Camera Not Syncing – Troubleshooting

To get your Arlo camera synced, ensure the base station is hooked to an active network and press the Sync button to enter the pairing mode. For the 1-LED Smart Hubs, the LED indicator rapidly flashes blue, while for the 3-LEDs Base station, the LED (above the camera icon) flashes Green indicating the Base is ready to pair.

While syncing the camera with the Arlo secure app, you can skip pressing the Smart Hub sync button as it receives instructions from the app.

Again, don’t over-press the sync button on the 3-LEDed Base station. To enter syncing mode, press the sync button for 2 seconds.

If you press the sync button for too long, you’ll notice a flashing amber LED indicator. Arlo suggests waiting 15 – 20 minutes and retrying the sync process.

Primarily, the sync process is straightforward – especially when your setup meets the minimum requirements, including;

  • The Base station/Smart Hub is online and accessible via the Arlo Secure app.
  • No compatibility issues between the base station and the camera
  • A solid internet connection with sufficient bandwidth
  • The proximity between the camera and base is within 30 – 100 cm
  • A healthy battery capacity on the camera
  • Disable VPN and Ad guard on your phone and enable Location and Bluetooth to ease the device discovery
  • During Arlo server outages

Before diving into the nitty-gritty, try power cycling all your devices (router, Base Station, and Camera). This refreshes the connection and clears temporal errors or IP conflicts blocking device addition.

Power cycling involves completely turning off the device and then powering it back up.

That said and done, try these troubleshooting solutions to get the camera to synced;

Observe The Base Station Status

Before syncing your cameras, the base station should be online and available on the Arlo Secure app.

Once hooked to the internet, the 3-LED Base station displays solid green power and internet lights. On the other hand, the 1-LED Smart hub indicator turns solid Blue.

To confirm that the base station status is online and in sync with the cloud servers, check its status on the Arlo Secure app;

  • Open the App on your mobile device
  • Hit Settings > then My Devices
  • Select the Base station
  • Observe its status.

If there are connection or offline errors, you must reconnect it before syncing your cameras.

Check Compatibility Issues

You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues if your package includes cameras and a Base station.

However, for add-on cameras or separately bought base stations, you must be sure it’s compatible with your devices.

The compatibility data for Arlo’s Base station and Smart hub is available on this page. Take a look and confirm that your devices are compatible.

Correctly Sync the Camera

The setup procedure must be on point to sync the camera – either following the Arlo app guidance or manually doing it.

To successfully sync your cameras;

  • Bring the camera close to the base station (30 – 100 centimeters)
  • Confirm that the base station has an internet connection by observing the status LED. Solid green or blue, depending on your model.
  • Keep your mobile device connected to the same network as the base station.

For new devices, securely insert the battery into its compartment and charge it for a few minutes.

In models like the Arlo Ultra or Pro 3, you must release the camera from its housing to access the sync button.

Here’s how to manually sync your camera;

  • Bring the camera close to the Base station, about 3 feet
  • Press the Sync Button on the Base station for 2 seconds and release > Let the base station enter pairing mode
  • Press the Sync button on the camera
  • The camera LED blinks rapidly blue on successfully syncing with the base station
  • Repeat the process for your other cameras.

Once synced, the camera status LED on the 3-LED base station turns solid green. Single-LED smart Hubs rapidly flash blue, indicating the camera has paired.

If unsuccessful, the camera blinks amber. Check your base’s network connection and retry the sync process.

Alternatively, you can follow the app’s step-by-step guidance to connect the camera.

Reset All Devices and Reconnect

Factory resetting the camera and base station clears corrupt config files affecting the synchronization process. A fresh start could be the key to onboarding your cameras.

Remember, after resetting the base station, you must reset and reconnect all the paired devices.

To factory reset the base station;

  • Find the reset button on the back of the device
  • Use a paper clip or reset tool to hold the reset button for 10 – 15 seconds. Once the LED starts flashing AMBER, release the button.
  • The base station reboots after the flashing stops. It’s now ready to reconnect and pair to the app.

If the base station was previously connected to the app, you must remove and reconnect it before syncing your cameras.

With the base reset and re-added to the app, you can reset the camera and reattempt the syncing process.

Depending on your camera model, you might have to release the camera from the housing to find the sync button.

To reset the camera, press and hold the SYNC button for 15 – 20 seconds. Once the camera LED blinks blue, release the button and let the reset process take the course.

With the camera reset and in pairing mode, open the Arlo app > add new device > Cameras > Select the camera model > Choose the Base Station > Follow the In-app Prompts to Sync the camera.

Alternative Solutions

You may have a faulty device if you haven’t solved the issue this far. It could be the Base station or the camera.

Try syncing another camera (if available) to test if you are dealing with a camera or base station problem. Should the camera connect, it confirms that the previous one had an issue.

On the other hand, if none of the cameras sync (test them one at a time), it’s probably a faulty base station and needs replacing.

Try contacting the Arlo Support team for a camera or Base station replacement.

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