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Blink Camera Registered to Another Account

Blink cameras, doorbells, or Sync modules throw the “camera serial is already registered to a different account” error because the device is already hooked to an account. Once connected to an account and synced to the cloud servers, you must remove the device before it can be re-registered.

So, you go a second-hand Blink camera, and it hits you with the error when trying to hook it to your account? What does it mean, and what are your available options?

Blink Camera Registered to Another Account

Blink cameras and other devices can only be bound to one account. You’ll get the camera is already registered to another account error after scanning the QR code indicating the Blink servers recognize the device as active on another user.

When a Blink camera is registered to another account, the device is linked to someone else’s account, preventing you from accessing its features and settings.

This occurs for various reasons, such as forgetting to remove the camera before selling it, transferring ownership, or accidentally registering the device to the wrong account during setup.

Again, it could also be an issue with an active Blink subscription plan if the previous owner forgot to cancel the attached subscriptions. In this case, you can retry the setup after a month.

Now that you have already purchased the device, what are your options?

  • Contact the Previous Owner – This is the most straightforward way to get your camera unregistered. You can ask them to remove the device from their account and cancel the attached subscription plan.
  • Reach Out to Blink support – The Blink Technical team can help if the camera is new. They should send replacement units if they didn’t get your camera reset.
  • Re-sell the camera on eBay – I have seen Blink cameras listed as “For Parts” only on eBay. This will allow you to get some cash back and dispose of the device.

On the other hand, if you intend to share the camera with a family member, use the email and password of the owner account on their device to grant them access to Blink devices.

Basically, one account but access from multiple devices.

Unregistering Blink Camera from Your Account

To unregister your Blink device;

  1. Cancel any subscription plans attached to the device
  2. Remove the device from your Blink account via the app or webpage
  3. Factory reset the device.

This ensures the next owner has a seamless installation process, and the camera hooks to their account.

Final Thoughts

Blink devices can’t be registered in multiple accounts – I doubt this will change. Therefore, double-check the registration at the center when purchasing a secondhand Blink device.

Simply scan the QR code on the device as if you were setting it up. If it’s registered, Blink throws the registration error. You can cancel the purchase or ask the owner to unregister.

Registering a Blink camera to your account ensures seamless functionality and control over your surveillance system—no juice without registration.


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