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Blink Camera Subscription

As with any security system, there is always the need to store the recorded footage, and that’s where the Blink camera subscription comes into play. Not only does the subscription support cloud storage but also a host of other functionality features come with the package.

It has to be said that Blink supports a “pay to play” pricing model despite offering a local storage option with a Sync module 2. It throws you a bone with the local storage option while the steak is hidden behind the subscription.

This post details all the features you get with the subscription compared to local storage to help you make an informed decision.

Does Blink Require a Subscription?

Blink cameras don’t necessarily require a subscription to operate. You can perfectly run your Blink security without a subscription using Sync Module 2 for local storage. However, the features you can access are limited – you only get a live view, two-way talk, and notification alerts from your system.

On the other hand, a Blink subscription plan comes with extra features like Cloud storage, Activity Zones, Privacy Zones, Extended live view, etc.

Primarily, with a new Blink camera installation and registration on the Blink app, you get a 30-day free Blink Plus subscription plan trial. You get to enjoy the full potential of your Blink camera.

Once the trial period lapses, whether you need a subscription arises, you can opt for local storage and run a subscription-less system saving a couple of bucks on the monthly fees.

Blink Camera Subscription Features

Blink subscription allows you to enjoy the premium features and push your camera capabilities to the limit. With a Basic plan, you can cover one eligible camera, while the Plus plan covers unlimited Blink cameras on your account.

As the Basic plan covers only one camera, you can have multiple Basic plans running on your account and attached to the respective cameras.

The key difference between the two packages is the number of devices covered and the pricing point. Both packages can access Blink’s premium features, but the Plus plan offers some bonus add-ons.

The Basic Plan is available for $3 a month or $30 a year per device. Conversely, the Plus Plan will cost you 10 Bucks a month or $100 for the annual subscription with unlimited device attachment.

Here is a brief comparison table;

Features Blink Basic Plan Blink Plus Plan
Number of Devices Supports one device Supports an unlimited number of devices
Motion-Triggered Notifications Yes Yes
Cloud Storage History 60-day unlimited access 60-day unlimited access
Live View Streaming Time Up to 90 minutes Up to 90 minutes
Live View Recording Yes Yes
Video Sharing Yes Yes
Rapid Video Access Yes Yes
Extended Warranty No Yes
Custom Snooze No Yes
10% off Blink Devices on No Yes

The Blink app lets you delete multiple recorded clips on the cloud storage.

Once local storage is integrated into a subscription account, you activate auto local storage backup.

However, you can’t access the backup files from the Blink app; you can do so by connecting the USB drive to a PC or external device.

Without a Subscription

Without a subscription, you have no access to Blink’s premium features. Here are the basic features you get;

  • Access to Live streams (5 minutes long per view)
  • Motion detection notifications
  • Two-way talk
  • Recording via a Sync module 2

You can turn to Sync Module 2 and a compatible USB drive to enable recording without a Blink subscription.

The recorded clips are available on the Blink app, or you can eject the USB drive and review them from a PC.

Unlike cloud storage, you can only delete one clip at a time via the Blink app. To delete multiple clips, safely eject the thumb drive and connect it to a PC or laptop.

Remember, the Blink system won’t auto-overwrite; therefore, keep an eye on your remaining storage capacity to avoid missing out on recordings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is a Yearly Subscription for Blink?

The annual cost for a Blink subscription depends on your Blink package. The Basic Plan costs $30 per year per device, while the Plus Plan costs $100 with unlimited device attachments.

With multiple Blink devices, you’re better off with the Blink Plus plan, as it offers a value-for-money return.

How Is Blink Without Subscription?

Without a subscription, you can only access a fraction of Blink camera features, including Motion detection alerts, Two-way talk, and access to live view footage. You can optionally choose to incorporate local storage with Sync Module 2.

Despite missing out on the Blink premium features, you can perfectly run your system without a subscription, depending on your needs.

How Long Is Blink Free Subscription?

Blink new generation devices come with free 30-day Blink plus subscription plan access. You get this option after installing and activating the device on the Blink app.

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