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Can I Move My Roomba Home Base?

I used to wonder whether I can move the Roomba home base when I first got mine. The Roomba home base is an integral unit for the smooth operation of your Roomba. Its primary purposes are docking and recharging your Roomba.

Being such an essential component of your Roomba, can you move your Roomba home base?

Yes, you can relocate the Roomba home base and follow the basic guidelines. Make sure the Roomba is not on a cleaning job when moving the base. Roomba will automatically figure out the new location of the base and return to it. You can move your Roomba from one room to another.

Let’s cover this in detail and other related Roomba questions in this article.

Can I Move My Roomba Home Base?

Yes, you can move the home base. As long as you don’t move it mid-cleaning, Roomba figures it out. Roomba iRobot is set up to retire to the home base when done cleaning or on a low battery.

It’s a good practice to clean the Roomba sensors of dirt, clutter, and dust. They offer guidance to your robot as it moves around mapping the floor.

When moving your home base, ensure the following;

  • The home base is against a wall and no obstructions within 1.5ft on all other sides.
  • No stairs or drop-off points within 4ft as the Roomba can fall off a cliff.
  • No infrared interference (virtual walls or VR headsets) within approximately 8ft.

When you settle on your new location, ensure white light is present on your home base, which will turn off after 4 seconds.

From about 6ft, place the Roomba and press the “Home/Dock” button. Roomba attempts to locate the home base by moving around for a few minutes before eventually finding it through IR signals.

Roomba might look confused, but you shouldn’t worry.

Once it finds its home base, it will be much easier.

Please don’t move your Roomba while it is on a cleaning job. It will appear confused and won’t know where to dock on completion or when it needs to recharge.

What Happens If You Move Your Roomba Base?

Generally, Roomba will figure it out. It will find the new location and dock without issues. Relocate the base before you start the cleaning job.

Roomba is a smart device. It’s made to adapt to changes in floor furniture layouts or adjustments to its home base location.

How Roomba responds explicitly to changes to home base location depends on several factors.

If you move the home base to different locations in the same room already on the Roomba’s map, the Roomba will find the new site and dock successfully.

Note: Avoid moving the home base when your Roomba is on a cleaning task.

It’s an excellent time to evaluate whether there are other spots in the house or floor you’d want Roomba to clean that it may not have covered before.

You can do a “clean everywhere” after you’ve potentially reset your floor or house setting. This enables Roomba to look for new areas and adds them to the existing map.

If the home base icon on the map remains on the old spot, don’t worry, as Roomba will continue to dock on the relocated home base position.

When you run the Roomba a couple of times, the map will eventually update itself; the home base icon should now reflect the new location.

You shouldn’t move the base too far from your Roomba. Say moving your docking base upstairs, and your Roomba is downstairs, Roomba won’t find it as it can’t climb or descend a staircase.

Can I Move My Roomba to Another Room?

Yes, you can move Roomba between rooms without training or naming it. Roomba will clean and find its docking base when done.

Roomba will work effectively on already mapped floors. It shouldn’t have a hard time finding the docking station.

If your Roomba has difficulty finding its docking base, I suggest updating the map manually on the iRobot Home app.  This doesn’t require you to remap the floor.

You can follow these easy steps to update your map;

1: Check the history on the map.

2: Open the history page and select one of your old runs. It would help if you targeted a “clean all” mission map.

3: Click on the three dots (right upper corner). Choose “update my smart app.” Voila, Roomba’s new home base is now up to date, and Roomba will have no difficulty finding it.

Where Is the Best Place to Put My Roomba Dock?

You can put your home base in any position if you follow the set simple guidelines.

According to iRobot home support, the docking base should meet these standards.

  1. Sufficient Space

The home base location should be open, uncluttered, with no barriers. The base is placed against a wall with 1.5ft of space to either side.

  1. Flat surface

The home base should be placed on an even-level surface. Your robot will work effectively when placed on a flat surface and against a wall.

Your Roomba will clean diagonally if the docking station is placed at an angle.

  1. Away from the staircase

Place your Roomba’s home base 4 ft from the stairs or where they could fall off.

Robot Dock Location

How Does Roomba Know Where Home Base Is?

Roomba uses the home base as a point of reference when mapping the floor. With stable Wi-Fi access, your Roomba will receive information through the home app, enabling it to return to the home base.

It’s said it uses a system of cameras and lasers to identify walls and obstructions.

Rather than following a randomized path, it travels in straight lines until it encounters an obstruction, then it does a 45-degree turn and tries to resume its forward direction.

It also builds a house map that can be divided into rooms. The said rooms may bear minimal resemblance to our actual floor plan.

Through these strategies, Roomba can find its home base.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Tell Roomba to Go Home from App?

Open the iRobot app, and move to the CLEAN button, “Send Home” option will appear. Clicking on this option send Roomba back to the home base.

You will successfully send Roomba home from the app through this simple method.

Roomba Takes Forever to Go Home

If your Roomba is taking longer than usual to return home. Probably there could be some obstructions on its way. The home base IR windows should be clean and dust-free.

Ensure that there is no infra-red interference from close devices like toys or remote controls

Roomba’s path to the docking base should be clear of any obstacles.

Roomba Won’t Go Home?

Press the “CLEAN” button on your Roomba to send it home. Alternatively, you can use the iRobot home app to send back your Roomba to the docking base.

You can even use Alexa to send back your Roomba to its home unit.

Can You Use Roomba Without Base?

Yes, you can use your Roomba ideally without a home base. Use Roomba’s charging system to recharge it.

You will have to manually start the Roomba by pressing the “CLEAN” button

Can You Pick Up and Move a Roomba?

Yes, you can pick up and move your Roomba. Be sure to do so when your Roomba is not on a cleaning job.

Moving the Roomba mid-cleaning may cause your Roomba to have a hard time locating the home base.

Also, ensure that you move the home base to the same location if the new location is far.


Now you know whether you can move the home base or not. Relocating the home base unit within the same room does not affect the function of your Roomba.

The Roomba will successfully find the new location and dock or recharge. However, Roomba’s home base shouldn’t be moved mid-cleaning.

Roomba is an intelligent device programmed to return to the base when they finish a cleaning task. Thus, you are free to move from one room to another. The path should be kept clear of obstructs for successful docking.

The home base should be placed on a clear, level surface away from the stairs.

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