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How To Use Roomba Without WIFI

Are you wondering if you can use a Roomba without a Wi-Fi connection? When I first got my Roomba, I had the same challenge before learning the facts. So, is using a Roomba without a WIFI connection possible?

Yes, using a Roomba without a Wi-Fi connection is possible. Use the “CLEAN” button to start the Roomba or “SPOT CLEAN” to clean a specific area. To turn off WIFI on your Roomba, perform a factory reset to clear the known Wi-Fi configurations.

Stick around to understand how to operate your iRobot vacuum cleaner without a Wi-Fi connection.

How To Use Roomba Without WIFI Connection

All Roomba models can function without a WIFI connection; you only need to press “CLEAN.” The number of buttons on your robot vacuum depends on the model. However, all models have a “Clean” button. 

Alternatively, below is a step-by-step guide on how to use your charged Roomba without WIFI:

  1. Now you’re ready to start cleaning, press the “CLEAN” button to start, resume, or pause.
  2. When you’re done, long press for at least 3 seconds the “CLEAN” button until the indicators go off.
  3. Clean a specific area with the “SPOT CLEAN” button. When using the “SPOT CLEAN,” Roomba spirals 3 feet outwards before returning to the original position. So, be sure to place it on the debris.
  4. To end the cleaning cycle, start by pressing “CLEAN” followed by “HOME” or “DOCK.”

If your Roomba doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi, start your cleaning session from the Home Base. Failure to which your Roomba might fail to return to its dock. If the battery runs out, Roomba stops at its current location.

Recent Roomba models are optimized for Wi-Fi connection to facilitate server and app communication. With a connection, you can easily upgrade the device firmware.

Nevertheless, you won’t access some features on your Roomba vacuum without a Wi-Fi connection. Features like remote control via the app, integration to a virtual assistant, app scheduling, etc.  

How To Turn Off Wi-Fi on My Roomba Device

To turn off your Roomba WIFI, restore default configurations by factory resetting it. Note that you lose all your previous settings by factory resetting your device.

If you like utmost privacy and don’t want your Roomba sharing data, turning off WIFI connection is a good choice. This also keeps you safe from EMF radiation.

We have seen that Roomba models work with or without WIFI. I know you are asking yourself whether you can buy a Roomba if you don’t have an internet connection. Let’s look at that in a moment.

Can You Buy Roomba If You Don’t Have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Roomba models don’t necessarily require a WIFI connection to function. Use the “CLEAN” button to start the device without WIFI.

All Roomba models work just fine without a WIFI connection. The mode you choose to operate your Roomba device will give you a seamless cleaning experience. Some Roomba models are optimized to work without access to Wi-Fi. If your home doesn’t have Wi-Fi, you can consider such Roomba models.

Again, voice control functionality won’t work without Wi-Fi access. This means you won’t be able to use Alexa or Google assistants’ commands on the Roomba device.

Can You Use a Roomba Without a Smartphone?

Yes, you can operate your Roomba robot without a smartphone. Simply press the “CLEAN” button on your Roomba, and it starts cleaning the floor.

Therefore, having no Wi-Fi shouldn’t be the reason preventing you from getting a Roomba. All you miss out on is remote operating and task scheduling features which work when your Roomba is connected to the internet.

As it’s possible to use Roomba without Wi-Fi, having a smartphone or not is not a factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Manually Start My Roomba?

If your Roomba is off, press “CLEAN” to turn it on. A beep sound and green light-up mean your Roomba is on. Press “CLEAN” again to begin a cleaning job. On home base pressing the “CLEAN” button starts a cleaning job.

The “CLEAN” button pauses or resumes cleaning. A long press on the “CLEAN” button turns off the device.

Roomba returns to home base when it’s done with cleaning or when on a low battery.

Can I Run Roomba Without App?

Roomba is a user-friendly model. You can run your Roomba without an app by using the “CLEAN” button to start, pause or resume your cleaning job.

However, you miss out on the app’s convenience features and device management. You will also not have a remote control, task scheduling, and receiving mappings reports.

Do You Have to Program a Roomba?

Roomba can work without having to program it. By pressing the “CLEAN” button, Roomba simply starts, pauses, or resumes a cleaning task. When your Roomba is connected to the app, you can program it.

This enables you to make a cleaning schedule for your Roomba. You can schedule your daily or weekly cleaning routines or your Roomba to clean when you are away.

You can also program your Roomba to clean when you’re on vacation.

How Do I Turn Off Roomba for Vacation?

Long press the “CLEAN” button on your Roomba to turn it off. The Roomba’s green light will go off too to confirm that your Roomba is turned off.

Once your Roomba is off, you can go on vacation without any worries about your Roomba falling off the stairs.

Can I Pick Roomba and Move to Another Room?

Yes, you can move Roomba between rooms or even floors. Roomba maps the area each time it performs a cleaning job and adapts well to changes in furniture placing.

It’s important to bring its docking base with you to the other room or floor as Roomba will try to return to its base when done or when the battery is low.

If you are only changing rooms, you can shut the door and await a notification on your app.


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