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Eufy Camera Setup

I like Eufy cameras due to their local storage feature; you don’t incur extra cloud storage costs after purchasing. So, you have added some Eufy cameras and looking to set them up? I’ll walk you through the setup process to set up and run your Eufy camera security system on your network.

Eufy has different camera models with different specifications and qualities – my favorite being the Eufy camera 3 with the attached solar panels, 4K video, and expendable storage on the Homebase.

Some Eufy models (indoor, solo Cam) directly connect to your Wi-Fi network, while others require a compatible Homebase during setup.

How Do I Set Up My Eufy Camera?

To connect your Eufy camera to your Wi-Fi network, connect the Homebase to your network via the Eufy security app. Once the Homebase is hooked, power the camera and sync it. For the direct connect models, directly connect them to your Wi-Fi network via the app.

Eufy security devices are paired via the Eufy security app. Download and install it onto your mobile device > create and verify your user account. Your devices will be added to this account.

Prerequisites before beginning the setup process;

  • Use a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network when pairing the Eufy device – If your router broadcast 2.4 and 5 GHz networks on a single SSID, disable the 5 GHz option during setup.
  • Ensure your mobile device is connected to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Disable VPN or Ad guard on your mobile device
  • Enable Bluetooth and Location permissions
  • Ensure you are within the Wi-Fi range

With the app set and with a stable internet connection, adding your Eufy security camera is a smooth process.

First, connect your Homebase to your network router before adding the cameras.

Adding the Eufy Homebase

Follow these steps to add the Homebase to your home network;

  1. Open the Eufy Security app
  2. Tap the “+” icon to add a new device.
  3. Choose your device type. Select the device model (Homebase, Homebase 2, or 3).
  4. Select or set up a new home. If you already have a home setup, add the device or tap “Add New Home” to set up a new home for your devices.
  5. Connect the Homebase to power and router. Use the power adapter to power up the Homebase. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into the LAN port and connect the other end to a working router ethernet port. Tap
  6. Wait for the LED indicator to turn blue. Once connected, give the Homebase a minute to sync and connect to your network. The LED status indicator changes from Red to Blue. Tap Next on the App.
  7. Scan the QR code. Scan the QR code on the bottom of the Homebase or choose the manual option and enter your Serial number. After scanning, you should get a voice prompt from the Homebase saying it has received a pairing request.
  8. Press the SYNC button. When you get the voice alert, press the SYNC button on the back of the device until you hear a beep to accept the pairing request from the app.
  9. Name your Device. Give your new device a desired name and tap Continue.
  10. Finish up the setup. Conclude the setup process by customizing your camera settings. Homebase 3 owners have the fancy feature of adding familiar faces for AI recognition. That’s it; your Homebase is all set.

For Eufy Homebase 1 and 2, you can switch to a wireless Wi-Fi connection on the app. This isn’t possible for Homebase 3, which only connects to the network via an ethernet cable.

How To Sync Eufy Camera

After adding your Homebase, the next step is to sync your camera and get them hooked. This connects the cameras to your Wi-Fi network as well as the Homebase.

You can sync your cameras immediately after adding the base station by tapping the “Add more Devices” option.

Alternatively, you can hit the “Finish” button and add your cameras from the home screen. This is the same way you would connect an add-on camera.

Whichever method you choose gets your camera connected. Here is how to add the camera from the home screen;

  • Tap Add Device on the Eufy security app
  • Select the corresponding camera model. If unsure, check on the product box or the camera for the model.
  • Select the appropriate Homebase to add the camera.
  • Press the camera’s SYNC button for 2 – 3 seconds or until you get a beep. Hit Next on the app to proceed.
  • Name your camera. Please select one of the in-app suggested names or give it your own.
  • Set the working mode. Select between optimal battery life, optimal surveillance, or customize recording. I find the “optimal surveillance” option appropriate for me. Hit Next on the app.
  • Finish up the setup process. The app gives instructions on charging the camera and some mounting tips for the final installation.

The camera is all set; you can test the live stream before installing it. Ensure the endpoint receives a sufficient signal for optimal performance.

How To Connect Eufy Standalone Cameras

Some Eufy models (Solo Cam, Indoor, Floodlight Cam, Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt, etc.) directly connect to the Wi-Fi router without needing a Homebase.

Setting up these models is straightforward on the Eufy Security app. The instructions are based on Eufy Outdoor cam; there might be slight variations depending on your camera model.

Here is how to go about it;

  • Open the Eufy Security app
  • Tap the “Add device” button
  • Select your camera model on the device tab. Tap “Outdoor cam” or your specific camera model.
  • Choose the Home to associate the camera to or create a new one. Tap Next.
  • Power the camera. Connect the camera to a working outlet > LED turns solid blue. Hit Next.
  • Scan the QR code at the bottom of the device.
  • Press and hold the Sync button until you get a beep. The camera enters pairing mode, and the LED turns flashing blue.
  • On the app, tap “Heard a Beep” and let the camera connect.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi details. Select your 2.4 GHz network and input the correct Wi-Fi password. Hit “confirm” to continue.
  • Name your camera.
  • Insert and format your microSD card. Don’t interrupt the formatting phase > Keep the camera powered, and don’t remove the SD card.
  • Install the camera at your desired location.

Final Thoughts

Setting up the Eufy security camera via the Eufy security app is straightforward. The app seamlessly adds all the devices.

Ensure you use the correct Wi-Fi network and be within range. Again, having a VPN could derail the setup process; keep it disabled.

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