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How To Reset Geeni Light Bulb

Resetting a smart light bulb is crucial when troubleshooting common problems or changing the bulb from one network to another. So, how to reset Geeni smart Light bulb?

To reset your Geeni light bulb, connect it to a standard fixture, not the dimmer one, and turn it on and off three consecutive times. Once the bulb resets, it enters a pairing mode where it flashes.

In this post, I will walk you through the steps to reset your Geeni light and reconnect them to your network via the Geeni app.

How To Reset Geeni Light Bulb

To reset your Geeni light bulbs, remove them from the Geeni application and then power cycle them three times. This method is more effective and guarantees results. Alternatively, you can power cycle the bulb 3 times to reset it.

Here is how to remove the bulb from the Geeni app;

  • Select the light from the app.
  • Tap the “…” icon to load device settings
  • Hit the “Remove device” button and confirm
  • Repeat the process to delete all the bulbs

After deleting the bulbs from the app, we can proceed. Here is how to reset your Geeni smart light;

  • Connect the bulb to a standard fixture. Not the dimmer ones.
  • Turn the switch on and off 3 times; ensure 1 – 2 seconds between each.
  • The bulb blinks to indicate it’s in pairing mode – In Easy Mode, the bulb flashes quickly (twice in a second)

For AP Mode (Slow flashing), you should reset the bulb again. First, turn the switch on and off three times. Now, turn it on and off three successive times again to enter the AP mode.

After resetting the Geeni light, you need to reconnect it to your home network and link it to your home assistant.

To reconnect, open the Geeni app > Tap the “+” icon to add a device > select Smart Lighting > Enter your network details > Choose the pairing mode (Easy Mode) > Let the app find and register your device.

Resetting Geeni LED Light Strips

Unlike light bulbs, Geeni LED strips come with a control box that you can use to control and manage the lights. It’s always a good practice to hook off the lights from your account before resetting them.

To reset your Geeni LED light strip;

  • Power on the strip light by connecting it to a working outlet
  • Press and hold the reset button on the controller for 5 seconds
  • The strip light flashes quickly, showing it’s in pairing mode.

If the light doesn’t flash, repeat the reset process.

Now, reconnect your strip light through the Geeni app. Launch the Geeni app > Tap the “+” icon to add a device > select Smart LED strip > Enter your network details > Choose the pairing mode (Easy Mode) > Let the app find and register your device.

When To Reset Your Geeni Smart Lights

Sometimes it’s pretty necessary to reset your lights, and there are tell-tale signs that your bulb is malfunctioning and needs a reset. Here are some activities that necessitate bulb resetting;

  • If the bulb is acting up – Geeni lights can sometimes develop funny behavior, like lighting when they shouldn’t or continuous flickering. Resetting the bulb can help fix this and improve your user experience.
  • The bulb isn’t responsive – Sometimes, these Geeni lights develop response issues, especially when connected to a virtual assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant. Resetting the bulbs helps clear up any software malfunctions ailing the bulb.
  • Sign up in a different account – To avoid the “encrypted error” when transferring the lights from one account to another, remove them from the initial account. After deleting the lights from the Geeni app, reset them, and finally, link to the new account.
  • If you intend to gift them to a friend – If you want to hand over a Geeni device to new ownership, remove it from your routines and connected accounts. Resetting it ensures that the new owner doesn’t experience trouble setting up the device in their home.
  • When changing the Wi-Fi to your bulb – To change the Wi-fi network connected to your bulb, removing the bulb from the Geeni app, resetting it, and connecting it to the new Wi-Fi is the effective way. You won’t experience any troubles with this method.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to reset your Geeni lights is handy when solving various connection or functional problems. It has to be said that it’s not a complicated process, and you should complete the task in no time.

To reset, connect the light to a standard fixture and turn it on and off three times. The bulb starts flashing, indicating it’s in pairing mode.

However, don’t use the app or your virtual assistant to turn the light on and off. This won’t reset your light. One must use the standard fixture or lamp to perform the on-and-off sequence.

If you need help, contact Geeni customer support for technical guidance.

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