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Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Shark robot vacuums are one of the best models that help to vacuum our homes. This convenience allows us to concentrate on other essential tasks. But when the shark robot vacuum is not charging, it becomes a big problem as you can no longer rely on it. Stick with me to know why and how to fix the charging issue. So, why is your shark robot vacuum not charging?

Charging problems on your shark vacuum cleaner are due to positioning or a faulty power outlet. This is especially when your robot vacuum is new. Over time, dirt and dust accumulating on the charging contact points can make your shark robot not charge. Also, the robot vacuum won’t charge when the power button is off.

In this shark robot guide post, we discuss why your shark robot vacuum won’t charge and how you can solve the issue. So, please stick with me through the article to learn more.

Why Is My Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Not Charging?

The shark ion robot vacuum isn’t charging because of a faulty charger or battery. Also, when the charger accumulates a lot of dirt, it causes contact problems between your robot vacuum and the charging base. The robot’s power button may be off.

It’s frustrating when your shark robot vacuum won’t charge and can’t clean. This calls for your attention to help restore it to function.

These are some most typical causes of charging problems to your shark robot vacuum;

  1. Dirty contact points – Dust and dirt accumulation on the charge and robot contacts can cause sensitivity to drop. Therefore, power can’t flow to charge your robot vacuum. Ensure you clean your robot and the charger frequently.
  2. Dead charger or battery – If either battery or charger runs faulty, your shark robot won’t charge. The rechargeable batteries eventually lapse their lifespan and have to be replaced.
  3. Faulty power outlet – Your robot isn’t charging simply because the power outlet has tripped. Try a different outlet or test it with a different device to see if it works. Ensure the outlet is working and the charger is plugged correctly before trying other troubleshooting methods.

The only positive is that some of these charging issues are easy to fix, and you can do it independently without escalating the matter. If you try all the possible solutions in vain, then now is the time to contact Shark robot customer support to get help.

Apart from the charging woes, here is a detailed article on troubleshooting Shark robot vacuum problems

Fixing Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Now that your shark vacuum cleaner isn’t charging, what do you do? These are some of the ways to troubleshoot the shark robot charging problem.

  1. Check the power button on the side of the robot vacuum
  2. Check if the power source is working
  3. You can relocate the charging dock to a hard floor
  4. Clean the shark robot vacuum
  5. Clean the charging dock
  6. Ensure that the shark robot is aligned correctly on the dock
  7. Check for loose contact plates springs
  8. Reset the shark robot vacuum
  9. Check the shark robot vacuum’s batteries
  10. Contact customer support

Let’s go through how to apply these fixes to your robot vacuum.

1.   Check the power button on the side of the robot vacuum

Unlike most robot vacuum cleaners, Shark robots have a power switch on the side. You must have noticed it on your robot vacuum. The thing is that when the switch is off, your vacuum won’t charge.

Therefore, ensure the switch is on and retry to charge your shark robot. If your robot charges, then you go. Otherwise, let’s try the other fixes.

2.   Check if the power source is working

I have this one outlet in my apartment that doesn’t seem to work, no matter how I fix it. So, check the outlet connecting to your charging base. Test it with another electronic device like your laptop, phone, or an outlet tester.

If your outlet is tripped like mine, try a different working one. If the power works with other devices, the problem could be with our shark robot charging connector or the base.

The shark charging base shows an indicator light when connected to a working outlet. The charging station is probably faulty if the indicator light is off or blinking but connected to a functioning outlet. It’s about time you order a replacement.

3.   You can relocate the charging dock to a hard floor

Where you place your charging dock can affect its performance. When the docking station is placed on a carpet, your shark robot vacuum might experience problems docking. Hence, it won’t be able to charge. In addition, the shark robot official website recommends placing the charging dock on a hard floor.

Therefore, pick a suitable place on a hard floor for your shark robot and ensure it leans against a wall. The place should also be leveled without obstructions for the robot to dock easily.

4.   Clean the shark robot vacuum

You will have blocked proximity sensors if dirt and dust accumulate on your shark robot vacuum. Use a soft cloth (microfiber) to clean off the dust and dirt on your robot vacuum.

As you clean the robot, please focus on the contact plate and ensure they are well cleaned. The “cleaner” needs cleaning too from time to time.

5.   Clean the charging dock

Again, the charging dock must be cleaned from time to time as dust, dirt, and debris accumulate on it. Especially, clean the two charging plates that connect to your shark robot and enable it to charge. When full of dirt, your robot will have difficulty charging. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off all the dirt on the charging dock.

While at it, clean the docking station sensors and infrared lights, as they’re prone to dirt accumulation. The sensors use alcohol wipes to remove the gunk if the dirt is hard to come off. Dirt on the sensors causes your robot issues docking.

6.   Ensure that the shark robot is aligned correctly on the dock

When your shark robot is not aligned correctly on the dock, the charging contacts are not in contact, and there is no charging. Sometimes, when your robot is very low on charge, it cannot dock, and you have to help it manually.

When manually placing your robot on the dock, ensure proper contact between the charging plates of the robot vacuum and the charging station.

If the robot vacuum indicates a blue light on top, your connection is a success; your robot is now charging.

7.   Check for loose contact plates springs

Springs hold the docking station’s charging plates in position. When the charging plate springs become weak, your robot vacuum cannot dock and charge. Your robot appears to be sliding off the charging base and will continuously attempt to dock in vain.

The contact plate with a weak spring appears depressed. Therefore, your robot can’t charge. You can replace the faulty charging dock.

8.   Reset the shark robot vacuum

Sometimes software glitches can cause your robot vacuum to malfunction. Performing a power cycle(restarting) your charging dock or resetting the shark robot can help clear the temporary malfunctions.

Follow these steps to power cycle your charging dock.

  • Unplug the dock from the power source
  • Detach off the power cable from the dock
  • Give it at least 30 – 40 seconds
  • Reattach the cable to the dock and plug it back into the outlet

Performing a power cycle refreshes the charging dock and can help fix software malfunctions. Sometimes, the issue isn’t with the dock but your shark robot vacuum. This, too, needs resetting to rectify any glitches that might be affecting it.

How to reset your shark vacuum;

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a hard reset but a soft reset procedure. Your robot vacuum won’t lose data or any configurations; it simply restarts it.

Follow these steps to perform a soft reset.

  • Flip your robot vacuum upside down
  • Turn off the robot’s switch
  • Wait for 30 – 40 seconds
  • Turn the robot’s switch back on
  • Return your robot to an upright position

This process should clear up any software glitches that might cause your shark robot vacuum not to charge. Try charging to see if it worked.

9.   Check the shark robot vacuum’s batteries

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the shark robot vacuums. Generally, the battery can last 2 years, depending on how you maintain it. When the robot vacuum battery is dislodged from its hosting, your vacuum doesn’t charge.

Ensure that the battery sits well and is in proper contact with terminals. You can use a screwdriver to open the underside of your vacuum, remove the battery cover, and confirm that the battery is connected correctly.

Also, the battery could be faulty or dead. Thus, you might have to replace it. If the cause of your battery malfunction isn’t the usual wear and tear, you can use your warranty to get a new one. The shark robot offers a 2-year warranty on its batteries.

10.Contact customer support

Now that you have tried all these troubleshooting solutions and still your shark robot won’t charge, what do you do? You can try contacting the shark robot customer support for technical advice on your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know My Shark Robot Is Charging?

When your shark robot vacuum is charging, the blue indicator lights flash.

If the blues light doesn’t flash or you see a red error light, your vacuum isn’t charging. Gently push it forward to initiate contact between the charging dock and the robot’s charging plates.

How Do I Know If My Shark Ion Robot Is Charged?

When your shark robot is fully charged, the LED indicator lights show a solid blue color.

With the solid blue, your robot is fully charged and all set for a cleaning task.

How Long Will the Shark Robot Battery Last?

Generally, shark robot batteries last for 2 years. Also, they have a 2-year limited warranty on them.

Once your robot’s battery is charged fully, the runtime is about 60 – 120 minutes. This is the amount of time it takes your robot to empty the battery. The exact time depends on the kind of floor in your home or the cleaning mode you are running.

What Does the Red Light Mean on My Shark Robot Vacuum?

If your shark robot’s “Clean” button flashes red, the robot vacuum is stuck on an object, or the front bumper is jammed.

You should probably help get out of the stuck position.

Should I Leave My Shark Robot on All the Time?

Shark robot vacuums are designed to always be on, even when not in use. This helps you to program and schedule your robot.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you must keep it on all the time. You can choose to switch it on and off at your preferred times.

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