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Why Does Alexa Light Up When No One Is Talking?

When I first got my echo dot, I didn’t understand the different color flashes. It once freaked me when I suddenly heard Alexa attar some words in the middle of the night with a green color flashing on the base. The question is, why does Alexa light up when no one is talking? Worry not, I got you.

Alexa virtual assistant is meant to make our lives more easily by simplifying and automating our tasks. We are applying voice commands to have some assignments completed from the comfort of your couch. However, sometimes Alexa glows on its own accord, without your interference. So, why does Alexa light up when no one is talking?

This guide post will cover the different Alexa device colors to help you understand why your Alexa is lighting up.

Why Does Alexa Light Up When No One Is Talking?

 There are several reasons why the Alexa device may light up. The specific color on the light ring should help you understand the issue. Alexa uses different colors to communicate a particular event. It could be a notification, an accidental trigger, or that Alexa is listening.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand the different Alexa colors and what each color represents.  Alexa lights up blue with a cyan section when it thinks it heard the wake word.

There is nothing random with Alexa light up; it is probably trying to communicate to you. Alexa uses various colors for different scenarios; understanding what each color represents helps you know why Alexa lit up. You could have set and forgotten a trigger, a received notification, or a connection issue.

Alexa Turning on By Itself – Understanding Alexa Colors Meaning

Alexa turns on itself when executing a scheduled task or if it receives a notification. If this isn’t your case, consider double-checking with your Alexa app. Open your Alexa app; select “Routines,” and confirm your set routines under the menu.

Ensure that all the set routines are familiar. A routine could be randomly set to play different things a podcast, audio file, etc. This can be freaking, especially in the middle of the night. Delete any unfamiliar routines from your account; a friend might have added them to prank you.

As you might have noticed, your Alexa device ring glows in various colors ranging from blue, yellow, red, white to purple. Each of these colors tries to communicate something specific message. Understanding these colors tells you why Alexa lights up.

Understanding Alexa Colors Meaning

Alexa devices are synonymous with the color ring. The color indicates the status of your Alexa device, a notification, connection problem, etc. Let’s look at each of these colors and what they mean.

1.    Alexa Blue Light

The blue light is probably the commonest Alexa device color. I am sure you have encountered it so many times. A solid blue color appears when Alexa hears a wake word (Alexa, Amazon, Echo, Computer, or Ziggy) or during the initial start-up. The blue light has a small cyan section pointing to the word’s origin. Primarily, this means that Alexa heard you, and you can proceed to make a request. When you notice this without talking, Alexa could have been accidentally triggered by nearby noise.

When Alexa is processing your command, the cyan section spins, indicating that Alexa is processing and executing your request.

Also, when Alexa receives a firmware update that’s pending installation, you will notice a spinning blue light on the Alexa ring. This stops after Alexa is done installing the update.

If you didn’t speak to Alexa, you could use the command “Alexa, stop” to stop the blue spinning light or ask her if she has any in-store updates.

2.    Alexa White Light

Alexa uses a solid white color on the ring to indicate the volume level. You can use the volume buttons on the device to increase or decrease the volume to your desired levels. As you increase or decrease, so does the white ring color. You can also use Alexa’s voice commands “Alexa, volume up” or “Alexa, volume down” to manage the volume level.

On the other hand, a spinning white light on the Alexa ring means that your Alexa has activated the “Away mode.” It’s the desired setting, especially when you are away from home for a while. When active, Alexa sends you alerts on detected signals like break-in sounds. You can use your Alexa app to revert to “Home mode.”

3.    Alexa Flashing Yellow Light

A flashing yellow light indicates that you have a pending notification, reminder, or message. Sometimes I forget about my set reminders, and then Alexa is there with the yellow light. To check where you have a notification, use the command, “Alexa, what are my notifications?” Alexa then tells you if you have a pending light. The yellow light can also be due to an update on your amazon prime delivery status.

4.    Alexa Red Ring Light

A solid red light on your Alexa device indicates that the microphone is muted. When on mute, neither does Alexa hear your commands nor does it respond. To unmute, press the mute button on the device.

5.    Alexa Spinning or Blinking Green Color

The green on your Alexa device indicates a call or the drop-in feature. When receiving a call, you will see a pulsing green light on the device. Once you receive the call, the pulsing changes to a spinning green color during the call duration.

6.    Alexa Spinning Orange Color

The yellow color on your device indicates network connectivity issues. Also, you will see this orange color when Alexa is in setup mode. Check on your Wi-Fi network, ensure it meets the appropriate speeds, or probably the connection dropped.

7.    Alexa Purple Color

This one should be hard for you to figure out. Have you ever activated the Alexa Do Not Disturb feature? What color was on your device? The purple color indicates an active Do Not Disturb mode. I like starting this feature when working from home and don’t need Alexa to draw my attention with notifications and sounds.

Now that we have covered the Alexa colors, you can easily understand the cause of Alexa lighting up on its own. There is probably nothing random about it, and there is no reason to freak out as I did.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Listening to Alexa?

When Alexa listens, your device has the blue ring light, with a cyan section pointing to the origin wake word. If someone drops in on you, Alexa notifies you with a ring noise and a spinning green light.

Is Alexa Always Listening?

Alexa isn’t always listening per se but “wakes” when it hears your wake word. It could be Alexa, Amazon, Computer, or Ziggy. When Alexa hears the wake word, it starts listening to your prompts.

How To Stop Alexa from Saying by The Way?

To stop your device from saying “by the way,” you have to switch off the Brief mode on your Alexa app. Follow these steps;

  1. Open your Alexa app and proceed to settings
  2. Find the Alexa preferences sections
  3. Select the Voice Responses
  4. Next, toggle off the brief mode.

Final Thoughts

As discussed above, Alexa lighting up randomly can be attributed to various issues. It could be a notification, Alexa firmware update, a dropping call, or an accidental trigger. The exact color on the Alexa ring should guide you to understand why Alexa lit up.

If the lighting persists and it’s none of your doing, you can use the “Alexa, stop” command or restart your device by unplugging and re-plugging it. If this doesn’t help or you think your Alexa has some external interference, delink it from your account and link it back.

To do so, unplug all the devices, open your app and log out. Next, change your password on the Amazon website. Use the new password to log in to your account and double-check your routines. If all is well, plug in your devices. The color on your device ring helps you understand why it lights up; most likely, it isn’t a cause of concern unless someone else has access to your Alexa device.

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