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Why Does Eufy Keep Beeping

Eufy robovac has become a popular robot vacuum brand in the market. Eufy robovacs use the number of beeps coupled with the indicator light to communicate an issue to the user. Therefore, to answer why Eufy keeps beeping, you need to understand the beep and indicator light.

This article will help you understand the meaning of all the Eufy beeps with each indicator light and how to resolve the issue.

Why Does Eufy Keep Beeping – Troubleshooting

Eufy robovacs use a solid or flashing red indicator light and some beeps to signal when it is in trouble or experiencing a functional problem.

This call for help dictates how you troubleshoot and fix the problem. Therefore, understanding what each number of beeps means is paramount when fixing it.

Sometimes the robovac is stuck, and all you need to do is move it to a new location, while other times, it involves troubleshooting and replacing a faulty battery.

Typically, the Eufy robovac indicates a solid or flashing red light when it encounters an error. The number of beeps tells you where to focus and fix the issue. Here is how to fix the common eufy beeps under each light.

Eufy Robovac Solid Red Indicator Light

Number of Beeps Meaning and Solution
1 beep A combination of a red indicator light and one beep means that the wheel is stuck and can’t move freely. To fix, turn the robovac off, clean the wheels off any hair or debris, and move it to a new location. Start the robovac to check if it moves.
2 beeps Two beeps and a solid red light indicate a stuck side brush. Again, this calls for your cleaning skills. Turn the robovac off, flip it, and pull out the side brushes. Remove the hair and debris on the side brushes. Ensure that the side brushes can rotate once you turn the robovac on. Also, check that the brush motors are in good condition or need a replacement.
3 beeps On the other hand, three beeps and a solid red light point to a stuck suction fan. To clean the suction fans, remove the dust collector, hold the vacuum upright (with the bumper facing up), and the suction inlet is facing downwards. Try shaking the robovac to clear out any debris stuck in there. If this doesn’t help, try disassembling the robovac to clean the suction fans.
4 beeps A solid red light and four beeps indicate a stuck rolling brush. Flip the robovac, and turn it off. Inspect the rolling brush state and clean off the hair or debris clogged up on the brush.

Eufy 4 Beeps When Charging

When the robovac charges, you get 4 or 5 beeps and a solid red light. You look at all the brushes, and all seem to be in perfect condition. This usually points to an issue with the RoboVac’s battery.

Troubleshooting the battery or getting a replacement in case the battery is faulty should fix the problem. If your robovac is experience charging issues, here is a troubleshooting guide to fix common Eufy problems.

If your robovac charges with a red indicator light or the battery drain quickly, try these fixes;

  • Properly connect the adapter to the charging base and ensure that the charging base indicates.
  • Let the robovac dock itself for proper positioning.
  • Refresh the battery. Open up the battery compartment, unplug the battery, let things cool off for five minutes, and reconnect the battery. Try recharging to check if the beeping or red indicator light ceases.
  • Let the battery fully charge. Usually, it takes 6 hours to charge, and the indicator light turns from breathing orange to solid blue.
  • Replace the battery with a new one if none of these solutions works.

Eufy Robovac Blinking/Flashing Red Indicator Light

As stated earlier, the eufy robovac uses a solid or flashing indicator light and some beeps to call for attention. Here is what each beep and flashing light means and how you can fix it;

Number of Beeps Meaning and Solution
One Beep Eufy uses a beep and a blinking red light when hanging over a ledge or cliff or when it’s stuck. To fix this, remove any obstructions on the RoboVac’s path or simply move it to a new location.
Two Beeps A flashing red light and two beeps signify a stuck front bumper. Use a dry cloth to clean the bumper and gently tap it to remove any stuck debris.
Three Beeps Three beeps and a blinking red light indicate that the RoboVac’s drop sensors are dirty. Flip the robovac and use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe off dust and dirt on the drop sensors. It’s always a good practice to clean your robovac after a couple of runs.
Four Beeps If your robovac has a flashing red light and four beeps, it signifies that the battery has been significantly drained. Pick it up and place it on the charging dock, ensure proper contact between the charging places, and let it fully charge. When charging, the robovac indicates a “breathing” orange color that turns to solid blue when fully charged.

Final Thoughts

Eufy robovac models use flashing or solid red and a couple of beeps to draw your attention when it runs into a problem. Understanding what each means goes a long way in solving the ailing problem. Once you know what the robovac is telling you, then fixing it becomes an easy task.

Also, eufy robovacs come with a 12-month warranty that comes in handy when your robovac needs fixing. You can use the warranty to get a part replaced or fixed by eufy customer support. Therefore, if the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact support for technical help and advice.

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