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Wyze Device Offline

Wyze is a reputable, innovative tech device manufacturer, well known for the affordability of its products. Wyze makes products ranging from smart cameras to bulbs, and plugs, to mention a few. These products are easy to integrate into your smart home setup and connect to your home network through the Wyze app. For one reason or another, you will likely experience one or all of your Wyze devices being offline.

So, why is your  Wyze device offline?

A Wyze device runs offline when it can’t correctly sync with the Wyze serves. Typically, this happens due to a drop in the network or power connection, a faulty device, an outdated Wyze app, or when the Wyze servers are down.

This post covers why your Wyze device is offline and how to identify and fix the root cause of the problem. Let’s get into it.

Wyze Device Offline – Causes

Typically, a network or power outage issue is the commonest cause of a drop in connection on the Wyze devices. Once there is a power outage, the Wyze device may experience difficulties connecting to your network after power resumption and needs help with a reboot.

That said, those aren’t the only reasons that can cause the Wyze offline problem. If it’s a recurring issue within your home setup, there is probably an issue with your setup. Primarily your router or modem network.

Why are all or one of your Wyze devices offline?

  1. A network issue – If the device is disconnected for an extended time, it may experience difficulties reconnecting without your intervention. Again, there could be an issue with your router; some old-generation router models have problems with smart home devices.
  2. Loss of power connection – Before getting made over Wyze, confirm that the device is connected to a working power outlet. Also, if you experience a power outage, the device disconnects from the Wyze servers and displays the offline symbol.
  3. Device is installed too far from the router – The Wyze device should be located well with your router range for a strong signal. If the device is in a weak signal area, you’re bound to experience the offline issue from time to time. Move the device closer to your router or upgrade your network.
  4. AWS outage – Wyze servers are hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS). Albeit rarely, when there is an AWS outage, it affects most of the services hosted under it; this includes your Wyze devices. There is nothing much you can do to help the situation here other than wait for the technicians to get down to it. Run different brands on your setup to avoid a complete home shut down.

How Do I Get Wyze Back Online?

Here are some troubleshooting solutions to get back your Wyze devices online;

 Reboot Your Network Router

Restarting your network router or modem helps fix device IP conflicts that could hinder your Wyze device connection. To restart the router, unplug the device from the power outlet, wait for 20 – 30 seconds, and plug the device back into power.

Once the router reboots, test that you can access the internet, refresh the Wyze app, and check whether your devices are online.

Ensure that your router broadcasts a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Wyze products only work with this network frequency.

Also, if your devices keep going offline, it could indicate an issue with your router settings that could affect your Wyze device(s). Some settings that could affect your Wyze devices include MAC address filtering, IPV6, or router virus check.

Therefore, to streamline your Wyze devices connection, try a couple of things on your router;

  • Turn off IPV6
  • If your router has a virus checker, turn it off.
  • Turn off “Beam Forming” for Mesh networks.

Notably, sometimes it comes down to your router’s mode; some old-generation router models’ Wi-Fi networks have compatibility issues with smart home devices. Depending on your router version, consider upgrading to a new-generation router model, preferably one with a Mesh network topology.

Power Cycle the Wyze Devices

Wyze recommends restarting their devices when experiencing connectivity issues. The famous phrase in the IT corridors, “have you restarted it?” comes to mind. It might sound trivial, but restarting an electronic device sometimes does the trick.

To power cycle, unplug the device from the power outlet, let it fully discharge for about 20 – 30 seconds, and plug it back into the outlet. Once the device comes back up, give it a minute or two to connect to your network and check its status on the Wyze app.

Check Your Wyze App and Device Firmware

Running on outdated software and firmware can easily be the source of your connection problems. You should be upgrading your smart home device’s firmware from time to time. New firmware release address specific malfunctions, offer new features, improve the device’s performance, and upgrade the device’s security.

First, ensure that the Wyze app runs on the latest version by checking your respective app. Next, use the Wyze app to check for firmware upgrades for your Wyze products. Hit the “Upgrade All” button to download upgrades for Wyze products.

To upgrade a specific device, select it from the home screen > hit the settings icon > select Device Info > then Firmware Version.

Also, excessive cache build-up can affect your Wyze app performance levels. Clear the app Cache and force close it to refresh it.

Reconnect The Device to Your Network

Sometimes restarting the router or power cycling doesn’t get all your Wyze devices back online. To deal with the “Black sheep” devices, manually re-pair them to your network. This process doesn’t need you to factory reset the device; that will be our next step.

To reconnect your Wyze device;

  • Launch the Wyze app
  • Tap the “+” icon > Add Device
  • Select your device category; for this, let’s use “Sensors” as an example
  • Select your specific Wyze device model, “Wyze Sense Hub,” for our case study
  • Connect your device to a working power outlet, and tap Next on the app. Connect the device to your router if the connection is mandatory (Wyse Cam base, Sense Hub, etc.)
  • Press the setup or reset button as guided on the Wyze app. Once you hear the “ready to connect” voice prompt, tick the box on the Wyze app and hit Next.
  • Follow the in-app prompts to hook your device to your network.

Reconnecting the device to your network re-initiates the communication with Wyze servers and helps get your device online.

Factory Reset the Wyze Device

Factory resetting your Wyze device wipes it clean and restores the default settings. To use the device, you must reconnect it to your home network via the Wyze app. I like using this method as a last resort after all other solutions fail.

Before factory resetting your Wyze device, please remove it from the Wyze app. Tap the device on the home > Hit the settings gear icon > Scroll down and click the “Delete Device” button to hook it off the app.

Once you have removed the device, follow the respective process to factory reset the device. The reset process of most Wyze devices involves continuously pressing the setup or setup button for about 10 – 15 seconds. Check your user manual for the specific way to reset your Wyze device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Wyze Offline Mean?

Wyze offline means your device can’t connect and communicate with the Wyze servers. Typically, this is indicated by a cloud symbol with a line striking through it.

How Do I Reconnect My Wyze Device?

To reconnect your Wyze device, connect your mobile device and the device to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Open the Wyze app > tap the “+” icon > hit Add device > Choose the respective device category > select the device model > ensure that the device is powered > press the setup button until you get the voice prompt > Follow through with in-app guidance to reconnect it.

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating when all the Wyze devices go offline without warning. When all the devices go offline, it shows a common problem affecting them. Primary, this could be your network or a power outage issue.

The above troubleshooting solutions should adequately help fix the offline problem. Power cycling the Wyze devices is the first and most straightforward solution I’d recommend for this sort of problem. If it doesn’t suffice, you can work from there.

Contact Wyze customer support for more advice if you can’t fix it.

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