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Can You Play Spotify on Alexa?

Spotify is among the most famous music services in the world, recording millions of streams monthly. Are you wondering whether you can play Spotify on your Alexa-enabled device? Worry no more; I am going to help link your accounts.

So, can you Play Spotify on Alexa?

You can play Spotify on your connected Alexa device. Linking your accounts unravels an unlimited smart world to integrate voice control commands and automation on your linked accounts, like waking up to songs from your favorite artists.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the linking process to get your Spotify hooked to your Alexa account.

Can You Play Spotify on Alexa?

Yes, you can Play Spotify on an Alexa-enabled device. Alexa supports free and premium Spotify accounts. Once you successfully linked your Alexa and Spotify accounts and set Spotify as the default music, you can enjoy Spotify on your Alexa device.

Alexa Spotify commands allow you to request any song on Spotify from the comfort of your couch. By simply using a command like “Alexa, play (song) by (artist),” you will be on your feet jamming to your favorite tunes.

As mentioned, Alexa supports both free and premium Spotify accounts. Therefore, you aren’t limited if you are yet to subscribe to Spotify premium. However, you won’t be able to download songs for offline usage.

That being said, how do you hook Spotify to your Alexa account?

How To Link Spotify to Alexa

To link Spotify to your Alexa account, you should enable the Spotify skill under Music and Podcasts section on the Alexa app. Grant Alexa permission to access your Spotify account and set Spotify as the default music service. Once the accounts are linked, you can use voice commands to request songs or add Spotify music to your routines.

Install the Spotify Alexa skill to connect your two accounts through the Amazon Alexa app. You need an Alexa account to add skills.

Therefore, first, download and register an account with Amazon Alexa. Again, set up an account with the Spotify App. With both accounts up and running, linking them is a straightforward process.

Here is how to link your Spotify account from the amazon Alexa app;

  • Open your Alexa app and select the More button on the bottom navigation.
  • Next, select “Settings” on the next tab.
  • Under Alexa Preferences, scroll to find and select the “Music & Podcasts” option.
  • Select the “Link New Service” option on this tab
  • Choose “Spotify” from the music or podcast services list
  • Click “Enable to Use” to activate the Spotify skill
  • Next, log in to your Spotify account with your credentials and “Agree” to the policy to connect. Click on “Close” to finish up the setup.

You will be prompted to set Alexa as your default music service. You can choose to put it or skip it for a later time.

If you don’t find the Spotify option under music and service options to link to, reverse the process and start from the Spotify app.

Link from Spotify

Alternatively, you can link Spotify and Alexa accounts from the Spotify app. Spotify offers a seamless integration process to connect to Alexa. I find this method more accessible, especially when sharing the same email address to log in to your Amazon Alexa app on your phone.

Follow this simple process to add Spotify to your Alexa account;

  • Open your Spotify app and select the “settings” gear icon
  • Scroll down to Voice Assistants & Apps section, and select “Voice Assistants.”
  • Click on the “Link” button under Amazon Alexa.
  • Confirm by selecting “Link” under account linking.
  • Select “Agree” to the policy standards.

When you successfully link, the Amazon Alexa under voices assistants turns green. You can now proceed to set Spotify as your default music service.

Set Spotify as The Default Music Service

After connecting your Alexa to Spotify, you should set it as the default music service on your Alexa app for streamlined control. This allows you to apply shorter commands when requesting Alexa to play Spotify. You don’t need to add the “From Spotify” on every other command.

Open your Amazon Alexa app > More > Settings > Music & Podcasts > Default Services. Change the default settings. Probably it’s Amazon music to Spotify. Set Spotify as your default service for the “Music” and “Artist and Gerne Stations” sections.

Alternatively, follow the default prompt from the Spotify app to automatically add Spotify as the default music service.

You have successfully linked your Spotify and Alexa accounts.

Here is a troubleshooting guide should you experience problems linking the accounts: Can’t link Spotify to Alexa.

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