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Eufy Robovac Not Connecting to WIFI

Robot vacuum cleaners play an essential role in our smart homes. I now don’t have to clean every week as my robot vacuums twice a week, leaving me with only two or so thorough cleanings in a month. The Eufy Robovac is a great option, especially when connected to your home network. When your Eufy Robovac won’t connect to Wi-Fi, the app control and integration to virtual assistants’ convenience quickly fade out.

In this article, I will guide you through the troubleshooting steps to help you fix the Eufy Robovac not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue. Let’s dive into it.

Why Is My Eufy Robovac Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

The most typical reason your Robovac isn’t connecting to your Wi-Fi network is a mismatch in the Wi-Fi frequency band. Eufy recommends connecting your Robovac to a 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency band. Again, it could be that your network is congested, hence lowering the available bandwidth. Therefore, ensure your internet is solid and stable.

That said, precisely pinpointing why your robovac isn’t connecting to your network is no easy fit. There could be several factors in play that prevent you from connecting. However, troubleshooting and fixing common issues is a straightforward process that shouldn’t worry you. Here are some common causes of the connection problem;

  • Connecting to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency band
  • Using the wrong Wi-Fi log-in credentials
  • Your Eufy robovac model has no Wi-Fi connection capability
  • Your phone is on a VPN
  • Low bandwidth due to network congestion
  • You are trying to connect while out of the Wi-Fi range
  • The precise location setting is disabled
  • Your network has internet access issues

Eufy Robovac Not Connecting to WIFI – Troubleshooting

After identifying why your robovac won’t connect, you can quickly fix the issue without the need for technical help by following this step-by-step troubleshooting guide;

  1. Ensure that your Robovac is Wi-Fi compatible
  2. Use the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency band
  3. Ensure that your router has access to the internet
  4. Check your phone settings (Enable Bluetooth and Location)
  5. Overcrowded Wi-Fi Network
  6. Disable cellular data
  7. Reset the Robovac Wi-Fi and retry

Before attempting the troubleshooting tips below, ensure that your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network and that you disable any Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN masks your phone’s connection and may cause connection issues with other devices.

Ensure the Robovac Is Wi-Fi Compatible

Most recent Eufy robovac models have Wi-Fi capability. However, some models did lack this vital feature. Therefore, before setting yourself on a mission impossible, it’s wise to double-check and ensure that your model is capable of connecting to the internet.

According to Eufy’s official website, these are some models that support the Wi-Fi feature;

  • RoboVac 11C Pet Edition (discontinued)
  • RoboVac R550C(discontinued)
  • LR30 Hybrid, Hybrid+
  • RoboVac 15C Max, G10, G30, G30 Verge, G20, X8, X8 Hybrid
  • RoboVac L35 Hybrid, L35 Hybrid+

Check the above link for the complete list and double-check if your model is listed there. If so, then we are good to proceed to the next troubleshooting tip.

Use the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency band.

Current routers can broadcast both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands. 5Ghz offers more speed and bandwidth but less network range, while 2.4Ghz offers considerably less speed and bandwidth but more network range coverage.

Eufy Robovac models can only connect to the 2.4Ghz frequency band of your router. Therefore, if your router can broadcast both frequency bands, you should consider switching off the 5Ghz band. Pairing your robovac to the 5Ghz network will lead to a Wi-Fi connection error.

Ensure That Your Router Has Access to The Internet

Sometimes the answer to a problem lies with a straightforward solution. When your Wi-Fi is unstable or not running at its peak, it makes connecting or registering new devices difficult.

Ensure that your wi-fi network is working and that other devices like your phone, tablet, Tv, or laptop can connect to the network. Otherwise, your network connection is down, and you have to contact your ISP for a fix.

Suppose your Wi-Fi is showing lagging signs or not running at average speeds. A quick fix is to reboot your router. It’s not a geeky process, don’t worry. Unplug your router, wait for 15 – 20 seconds, and plug your router back into power. Use the correct network credentials on the app. If you misspell your Wi-Fi password, it won’t connect.

Also, consider temporarily turning off the router’s whitelist mode if it’s enabled, and try reconnecting your robovac.

When connecting your robovac to your Wi-Fi, be close to the router. The strength of your Wi-Fi is affected by different materials, concrete walls, metals, or different obstructions. Therefore, the connection can drop when your RoboVac is far from the Wi-Fi router.

To fix this, ensure your router is centrally placed and the Wi-Fi range covers your house evenly.

Tip: 2 – 3 feet distance from the router would be an ideal position for you when connecting your robovac to your Wi-Fi.

Overcrowded Wi-Fi Network

When many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, they will cause speed to decline. Robovac connection requires a steady network. With poor or slow networks, you will notice that Robovac takes forever to connect or entirely fails to connect to the network.

Your internet provider could also be throttling your internet connection if you pass your monthly data caps.

Throttling is like “managing” your data. Your connection is set to run at very low speeds. Opening simple pages like google or Facebook becomes very hard and slow.

Disconnect the unnecessarily connected device from your network if that’s the cause, and attempt to reconnect your robot vacuum.

Check Your Phone Settings

Turning off your mobile device Bluetooth during the Wi-Fi set-up process can result in the Eufy robovac not connecting to the Wi-Fi problem. Double check your phone settings to ensure your Bluetooth is on, as it helps discover the device. Again, ensure you keep the Bluetooth on during the entire connection process.

If Bluetooth is good, grant the app location access and enable the precise location toggle on the EufyHome app to smoothen the connection process. Here is how to go about it;

  • Go to settings on your phone
  • Find the location option. It could be “Security & Privacy” as a standalone option for android users.
  • For iOS users, select the EufyHome app and choose “Allow only while using the app.” For Android, choose “App permissions” > EufyHome > Allow only while using the app.

Under the Location tab > Location services, enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scanning. Now, open the EufyHome app and turn on the precise location toggle and proceed to connect your robovac to your home network.

Also, disable your mobile data as the app could switch the connection when pairing to the RoboVac’s hotspot. Thus, preventing a smooth Wi-Fi handshake. 

Reset The Robovac Wi-Fi and Retry

Resetting your robovac Wi-Fi connection wipes the connection history clean, and you can start afresh. This can quickly solve the connection problem, especially when the robot vacuum was previously connected to a different network.

To reset your robovac Wi-Fi, continuously press the Auto button on top of the robovac for 10 seconds. When the Wi-Fi is reset, you will hear a beep or a voice prompt, and the indicator starts to flash blue slowly (Bounce series models). Next, try reconnecting your robovac to your network and see if it works.

If the connection issues persist, turn on your Airplane mode on your phone, then turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This ensures that your cellular data remains off. Ensure your phone is connected to a 2.4Ghz signal, and try connecting your robovac.

If the Wi-Fi reset method fails, you are left with factory resetting the unit to restore the default settings and set it up all afresh. Here is a complete guide on how to connect your Eufy Robovac to a Wi-Fi network.

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